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Maryam Mirzakhani



I wish I could have made it!… To have stopped by Heidelberg on the 23th of August – on the way back home after our holidays – just to be there, in the same city with the “Laureates, where the best minds – in the fields of mathematics and computer sciences – would be hanging around for a week.

But my main interest was really Maryam – Maryam Mirzakhani – the first woman ever awarded the Fields Medal (at the last  International Congress of Mathematicians ICM 2014 ). Since I did not attend that ICM, I have never seen her in person!!…

How could she be??…

The woman who has opened the gates to the world of Higher Mathematics to any other woman who decides to start the journey…

I don’t think I’m being naive – the gate is just unlocked, not really wide opened – but jet every woman can feel the cool breeze coming from the other side 😉 …

The change has finally occurred.

But the gate seems to be a bit oxidated  😦 ??… Maybe not, but I was shocked when reading the webpage of the winners of the “Nobel Prize of Mathematics”, among all pictures, her face was missing. Instead of a picture of her, there was just a feminine silhouette!… Crazy!!… Complete nonsense!!!… But the drawing replacing it had a pretty hairstyle 😉 … And then any of us could imagine her own face 🙂 there…

I would have ❤ meeting her… (In case she actually would have been in Heidelberg)

Well, I will wait for the next ICM 2018 in Rio!!… And then certainly I’ll even get to talk to her, at the congress dinner, in a coffee brake, and maybe after a talk! (Hers or mine 😉 ?)… If she smiles like in this picture it could be lovely … She looks so friendly!!…

Wow, I just realize, this is the first time in my entire life I have a feminine-role-model I feel comfortable with. It feels really different … Even good … Yes …


The missing face of Maryam

The Guardian Interview with Maryam Mirzakhani

Laureate Forum Blogs (EN and DE)




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2 thoughts on “Maryam Mirzakhani

  1. I did not know her photo is not there… I feel quite unhappy about it and the feminist inside me wants to scream why… But I hope there is a good reason why there is no image there…
    Anyway, I like your post ^_^


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