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Math: A Myth??… (I)

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Regardless of how surprising or crazy it may sound, the fact is, that the subject we call “mathematics” has become a myth in the mind & of most of the people. Worldwide.

Math is “seen” as the science comprehended only by the “initiated” – say: mathematicians! – who barely could be considered as “normal” people. And therefore, any approach to it should be at least a very hard – or an impossible – one.

With this in mind – & – all of us who do not think about ourselves in terms of “genius”, should hope for a kind of “enlightenment” – a math-enlightenment – to be able to deal with math and survive …

But the point is, we´ve got confused! …

It is true that, within the centuries – but mostly in the last few decades! -, the subject commonly called “mathematics” has continuously evolved and many – more than 70 – new branches of mathematics have appeared. In this way, this science has become the huge mass of knowledge it is now, which certainly exceeds any imaginative myth, and about which – except for an elite of mathematicians – noboby knows, or should know, more than almost nothing! … 🙂

On the other hand, the “math” a common person needs to master is – not only a very finite collection of mathematical concepts – but also a collection of primordial & elemental concepts that scholars – since about 2500 years ago and untill more or less 300 years ago – developed without any technologies!

What I mean is: ”This” math, was made just by “people”, very curious people who created it – or discovered it – while watching and inquiring the world around them. But, when the actual level of complexity of mathematics was still far from reach – and the actual idea of a “mathematician” did not even exist.

We have confused school&college-math  with  Higher-Mathematics of the 21th century!!!

This is not a harmless mistake! …  😉

Yet, the problem is that from this distorted idea – from this distorted view of the math we have to deal with – people have started believing, one has to be genius to succeed in school math.

This thoughts are so rooted as hidden in our collective consciousness.

This fact – the myth in our mind & –  is preventing us from a healthy and joyful  encounter with the real math we do have to deal with


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