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Math: A Myth??… (III)

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So far, so good! But if we don´t need to be a genius to succeed in our school or college math… What do we need??…

Basically, It depends on:

“Being able” & “willing” of recording the decisive information!

“Being able” is not the most important point… Everyone who can read a book or carefully listen to a talk, can learn.

Standard learning ability & willingness to learn are the essential prerequisites. Thus, the main obstacle we first find in the way through learning math is  – simple and clear –  our willingness to learn:

Willingness to learn math!!…

This leads us to another tremendously important point:

We may only be willing to learn what we appreciate!!…

And we may only appreciate what we have come to know!!…

This is why we have to be prepared to choosing knowledge instead of choosing ignorance: No one – who have come to get a good idea of what math is all about – have not felt interested and intrigued about it.

But how can we get to know math, before we manage to study it? Good point! But we can, since we are not dealing with Higher Mathematics! With the necessary mind shift, we will all start realizing that math is every where around us. If we ❤ our new digital technologies – including blogs & Co. – then we ❤ math, since only math made it possible. If we appreciate human invention, then we appreciate our positional number system first of all. If we like mysteries, then we can´t wait the discovery of the next prime number or the advances in string theory.

The change – the transformation – resides & starts in our mind &

And there will be a time, not so far from now – when the opposite attitude has become the rule – and it will be almost impossible, not to be joyfully math-enlightened

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