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Very Best Visualization Of Numbers

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Brent Yorgey's Factorization Diagrams and

Pairs show factor 2, Triangles show factor 3, Pentagons show factor 5, and Circles… well… Circles give All other Prime factors…

And just because of its beauty – since 4 is not a prime number – Squares will show factor 4.

Awesome Visualization of the Natural (counting) Numbers!!… The diagrams in the above image represent the factorization of the numbers 1, 2, 3, … and 49 (starting up-left as usual). For example, we discover that the diagram for the number 8 has a pair of squares, which means that 8 has the numbers 2 and 4 as factors. Or 21 has a diagram made of 7 triangles, which means that 21 is divisible by 7 and 3. And every circle shows a  prime numbers factor!

This way, you can find ALL factors of a given number, just by looking at the shape of its diagram!!… Amazing!!…

Please, print & share it with every, every child – you included – you meet in your life!!…


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