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Summer-Math-Quiz: Check-in! Check-out!

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Summer comes & goes… Jet it remains in our imagination, and so any time of the year, we still may feel the sun on our skin and our eyes may still be green, light-blue, and full of summer images

And our ❤ 4 math is in summer deeper than ever, since math is everywhere, math is in the air…

That’s why I decided to post a couple of quizes, with very simple questions anyone could make during summer, and see what happens with the math involved! And actually I ended up around the Traveling Salesman Problem 🙂 … But let’s start nice’n easy

So, if you are a passionate traveler like me, then you have for sure taken account of some key points for a good holiday. And then you know that check-in and check-out are not really included in the list of relaxing-holiday-activities!

Also, deciding how many different places you want to stay in, and for how long, is something one should have clear in advance.

My experience has taught me a couple of things 🙂 … So here is a Summer-Math-Quiz:

  •  2 = min {number of nights to stay in one hotel / to get max relax} ……. True (   ) or False (   )
  •  3 = max {number of different places to stay in / to get max relax} ……. True (   ) or False (   )

Optimizing relax?… Just a Bit! (If we had a function R quantifying “relax” depending of the number “n” of nights in an hotel – i.e. R = R(n) – then we could use Introduction to Minimum and Maximum , But here is just about fun, common sense & experience ;).

Just 4 Fun…

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