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Summer-Math-Quiz: Beaches!

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Wow! Summer 2015, for the first time at the riviera of Garda Lake! So many places to visit… And I ❤ fine sand beaches… But without knowing the surroundings, we just decided to visit – or at least take a look at –  10 different places in one days, to hopefully find the nicest beach…

Quiz: Say we carry out our journey by visiting always the nearest beach to our location, starting out from our hotel and coming back to it at the end of the day:

  •  Is there a unique way to do this? ….. True (   ) or False (   )
  •  Is this a good method, which minimizes distances? ….. True (   ) or False (   )


Quiz: Is there actually a better way to maximize places and minimize distances? (See: Traveling Salesman Problem)



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