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School-Math Is Not Math!!…

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 Do German pupils feel less and less like learning math??… NO! – Those German pupils  – as well as almost all other pupils –  still haven´t actually met real math!

The following article is clear. In New-mathematically-results-from-pisa-2012 Source: Deutsche Schüler haben immer weniger Lust auf Mathe Von Christiane Habermalzis – we can read nearly for the first time some (in)convenient truths. The only but could be that we are still calling “math” to what we are doing at schools. And that might be the real problem, since “school-math”  is not  math!

Actually, we have no idea if our kids would do well or badly at mathematics! We haven´t even tried to find out. The only good reason for that is that there are not enough teachers that would be able to teach true mathematics, since teachers themselves belong to the system, and thus they as well haven´t had the proper chance to learn real math.

The latest PISA report says German pupils learn less math at school. Although they spend more time on math classes   – on average 13 more minutes per week as in 2003 –  well over half of socially disadvantaged youngsters (57%) and 1/3 of children from families with a higher income, admitted they have never heard of a quadratic function.

Also, the way of teaching would be disadvantageous for the pupils from socially vulnerable families. In Germany, in the lower secondary schools, teachers work too much on simple mathematical contexts, routine and applied problems.

If in a country like Germany with an amazing math tradition  – and still very well positioned worldwide – some problems are clear… Then, why is it sooo difficult to recognize  – not only because the topics and motivations we are trying to communicate at school are about 300 years away from now –  that we have to change the whole idea of mathematics  – in our head & ❤ –  and in our schools??…


Paul Lockhart

“Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations.”
Paul Lockhart, A Mathematician’s Lament: How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art Form

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