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Math: A Diamond!!…

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“We just need to update our Thoughts & Feelings about mathematics”

–  Math-Update

The current mindset of believing mathematics is just too hard for almost everyone is obtuse. Clearly higher mathematics is hard!!… – Math is the Diamond among Sciences -… But, what any person could & should learn at school or college about math, that’s pretty far from Avansed Mathematics and – properly taught  😉 – may be perfectly comprehended, appreciated and enjoyed!!…

It seems, we have somehow lost our perspective.

In Math – Update we are searching for what math actually… IS & DOES…

“Most of the people just get to see math through formulas & theorems… Like a dark forest hidden by immense trees… Math – Update wishes we can finally see the beauty of the entire illuminated forest”

—  Math – Update


Author: Math - Update

Updating Math In Our Mind & Heart!!...

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