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Visualizando Números Naturales, Factores, y … Secretos

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El mejor regalo para cualquier niña o niño!🌈🌈…

math - update

 Esta es una de las visualizaciones más bellas – y de inimaginables alcances – que he descubierto en mi básqueda de verdadera matemática-elemental:

Diagramas de Factorización – Brent Yorgey (2012)

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Amazing Show!!… Natural Numbers + All Factors + One Secret

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The best present for any child 🌈🌈 …

math - update

I – as any mathematician – know quite a few math gems that – I believe – should be at the heart of school-math… But, this one, is just exactly what school-math should be 4 ALL of us!

Math images Natural Numbers

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Day #20: Riding on a Wild Torus


Q1: Say, you are actually riding on the surface of a torus, and say, you´re in a hurry! Could you find the shortest path to follow??…

Q2: And, if the surface of a – flexible – square that generates a Torus is just 1. Could you tell radius of its two generating circles and of its cartesian equation??…

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