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The Project at ICM 2010 – India


Math-Update Project will be exhibit at ICM 2010

On Saturday August 21st in Hall 2 at 3 PM, the website will be finally presented to the public at ICM 2010. This blog&search-web page is a project which pretends to open an immense window to the mathematical world, to update the communication and understanding of this science worldwide.


“Mathematics is a game played according to certain simple rules with meaningless marks on paper”

David Hilbert

The Abstract Method

“ .. the barriere to mathematical communication is more philosophical than technical … “
“ .. the abstract method in mathematics, as it is sometimes called, is what results when one takes an attitude to mathematical objects … This attitude can be encapsulated in the following slogan: a mathematical object is what it does “
“ .. Historical suspicion of the abstract method has left its traces in the words used to describe the new numbers that arose each time the number system was enlarged: Negative; Irrational; Imaginary or Complex …”
“Mathematics: A very Short Introduction”

Timothy Gowers
Fields Medal 1998