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Happy Birthday Math-Update!!…

We feel soooo free!!… ❤ Math-Update ❤ is turning 3!!…



3 years ago – the 7th day of the 11th month of the 13th year – this new journey began…

Thanks 2 All of You 4 making this Math Dream come True

… ❤ ❤ ❤ …



Summer-Math-Quiz: Beaches!

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Wow! Summer 2015, for the first time at the riviera of Garda Lake! So many places to visit… And I ❤ fine sand beaches… But without knowing the surroundings, we just decided to visit – or at least take a look at –  10 different places in one days, to hopefully find the nicest beach…

Quiz: Say we carry out our journey by visiting always the nearest beach to our location, starting out from our hotel and coming back to it at the end of the day: View the pictures →

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Summer-Math-Quiz: Fine Dinning!

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Imaging you are – like me 🙂 – staying for 4 nights at a lovely little Italian hotel, just in front of the awesome Garda Lake, in the north of Italy… A dream come true!

It is really hot… 37°C at least!… It is really summer!…

Since the hotel has an excellent restaurant, you decide to eat there once daily, each of the 3 days in between check-in and check-out. And since it is so hot, you choose only 2 cold starters each day.

  • Quiz: If in the menu there are 7 starters you really would like to try, how many ways to order your 3 dinners of 2 starters do you have?

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Summer-Math-Quiz: Cocktails!!

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Since I am just coming back from a one month trip, where I visited a couple of wonderful places in north + south America, I am feeling inspired to first finally give the solutions to the Summer-Quiz posts from last summer, when I was lucky to travel from Bavaria through Tirol to Italy, and continued by the Italian-French Riviera to Cap Martin, Juan Les Pins, Nice and Cannes, coming back through the Lago Maggiore, St. Moritz and Lichtenstein, to Lindau in Bavaria.

I used those weeks to get offline math inspirations and thought about a couple of nice and easy questions anyone could make during a sunny summer… Like in… View the pictures →

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Summer-Math-Quiz: Check-in! Check-out!

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Summer comes & goes… Jet it remains in our imagination, and so any time of the year, we still may feel the sun on our skin and our eyes may still be green, light-blue, and full of summer images

And our ❤ 4 math is in summer deeper than ever, since math is everywhere, math is in the air…

That’s why I decided View the pictures →

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