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Very Best Visualization Of Numbers

Just the perfect X – MA(TH)S gift 4 every child!!…

math - update

Brent Yorgey's Factorization Diagrams and

Pairs show factor 2, Triangles show factor 3, Pentagons show factor 5, and Circles… well… Circles give All other Prime factors…

And just because of its beauty – since 4 is not a prime number – Squares will show factor 4.

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Visualizando Números Naturales, Factores, y … Secretos

 Esta es una de las visualizaciones más bellas – y de inimaginables alcances – que he descubierto en mi básqueda de verdadera matemática-elemental:

Diagramas de Factorización – Brent Yorgey (2012)

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Do today´s pupils feel less and less like learning math??…

NO! – Those German pupils  – as well as almost all other pupils –  still haven´t actually met real math!

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