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Math: A Myth??… (II)

Elementary Mathematics” – the math a common person needs to master – is not only a very finite collection of mathematical ideas, but also a collection of primordial & elemental concepts!

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Math: A Myth??… (I)

Regardless of how surprising or crazy it may sound, the fact is, that the subject we call “mathematics” has become a myth in the mind & of most of the people. Worldwide.

Math is “seen” as the science comprehended only by the “initiated” – say: mathematicians! – who barely could be considered as “normal” people. And therefore, any approach to it should be at least a very hard – or an impossible – one.

With this in mind – & – all of us who do not think about ourselves in terms of “genius”, should hope for a kind of “enlightenment” – a math-enlightenment – to be able to deal with math and survive …

But the point is, we´ve got confused! …
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Math-Update??… Actualización-Matemática??…

“Necesitamos actualizar nuestros Pensamientos & Sentimientos a cerca de la matemática”

–  Math – Update

La actual mentalidad que afirma que la matemática es simplemente demasiado difícil para la mayoría de nosotros es obtusa.

Ciertamente que la Matemática Superior es “dura”… La Mathemática es sin duda el Diamante entre las Ciencias… Pero, lo que una persona puede & debe aprender sobre matemática en la escuela o colegio… eso está a años luz de ser matemática superior, y por tanto – bien enseñada 😉 – puede ser perfectamente Valorada, comprendida, e incluso disfrutada!

De algún modo, hemos perdido toda perspectiva…

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Math Is The Diamond Of Sciences, And Diamonds Are A Girl´s Best Friend…


Celebrating Maryam Mirzakhani´s Fields Medal 2014 !!…


Two years ago  – on the 13th of August 2014 –  the mathematician  Maryam Mirzakhani  became the first woman to ever receive the Fields Medal, considered the most important prize in mathematics and which is awarded every four years during the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM.

… In recognition to her outstanding mathematical achievements and for the promise of future achievements at the last!!…

This is the woman who has wide opened the doors of Higher Mathematics to every other woman who decides going through…

The mind shift has finally occurred!


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