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George Cantor, VITA MATHEMATICA, Birkhäuser, 1987.

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“En Mathematica El Arte De Proponer Preguntas Es Más Importante Que El Arte De Resolverlas” – G. Cantor

GEORGE CANTOR presentó en 1867 – con sólo 22 años y viéndose increíblemente atractivo ❤ – su tesis doctoral. El trabajo era sobre las investigaciones de LAGRANGE, GAUSS and LEGENDRE a cerca de la ecuación diofántica  aX^2 + bX^2 + cX^2 = 0. Notable es la visión del mundo matemático de su tesis filosófica:

“In re mathematica ars proponendi quaestionen pluris facienda est quam solvendi”

 Referencias: George Cantor, VITA MATHEMATICA, Birkhäuser, 1987.

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Haben Schüler immer weniger Lust auf Mathe??…

Nein! – Diese deutsche Schüler  – wie fast alle anderen Schüler –  haben die Mathematik noch nicht einmal kennengelernt!

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Math Story & Creation III

As we wrote in Part I and Part II  thanks to the study of the Fourier Series, concepts such as those of Function, Continuity or Integral were for the first time exactly and generally given to the math world!

But even more, it turns out that also CANTOR drew from questions about these series the decisive stimulation for his impressing life’s work! Continue reading

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Math Story & Creation II

Well, we already wrote in Part I about how the trigonometric series influenced the final statement of the concepts of function & continuity the way we know them today. But this is just the beginning!

In RIEMANN‘s Habilitation work (1854) he considered the inverse question related to the problem of the representation of a function by its Fourier Series, this is Continue reading