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Math – Update´s Happiest 5th Birthday Celebration!!…

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Math – Update 


Dear  FANs + FRIENDs  Join Us To Celebrate 💗💗💗💗💗

DATE: Today Wednesday – 7th of November
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💗Happy 5 Years of Math-Update💗

giphy dodecahedro projectado

… We Just  💗  5 …

💗 5 like THE 5 Platonic Solids 💗

giphy PS.gif

💗 5 like THE Pentagonal Dodecahedron 💗

giphy dodecahedro black light

💗 5 like THE 5 in Galois Theory 💗

i.e. that for every n > 4, there exist polynomials of degree n which are not solvable by radicals (this was proven independently, using a similar method, by Niels Henrik Abel , since for n > 4 the symmetric group Sn contains a simple, noncyclic, normal subgroup, namely the alternating group An. An example is: f(x) = x5x − 1, the lone real root x = 1.1673… is algebraic, but not expressible in terms of radicals. The other four roots are complex numbers.



This Is Just The Way We Want Math-Update ‘s Birthday Party To Look Like!!…

… Like by Alice In Wonderland 💗💗💗💗💗

Mathematically Crazy!!…



And An Infinite Sucession Of Cups Of Tee!! …
And An Infinite Sucession Of Cups of Tea!! …
And An Infinite Sucession Of Cups Of Tee!! …

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Australian Mathematicians

Wonderfull! ❤ ❤ ❤

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

At the start of January we wanted to do something on our Facebook page to raise awareness about all the problems Australia has been through in the last period. We were shocked at the situation there.  For 2 weeks we researched and wrote more about Australian mathematicians and their work. In addition, each post has a link where you can donate for different charities and organizations. Things have changed a little bit since 4th of January when we started this project, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Also, the weather hasn’t been incredibly favourable neither. In this post we want to put together all the information we have discovered in those 2 weeks, including the mathematicians and where you can still donate to help.

Mathematician #1: Terence Tao

Donate #1: Australian Red Cross

Terence Chi-Shen Tao (born 17 July 1975) is an Australian-American mathematician…

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La conjetura de Goldbach: sus protagonistas conversan en Facebook

🔢 …

Fragmento de la carta de Goldbach a Euler en la que le plantea el problema

La conjetura de Goldbach es uno de esos problemas matemáticos que todo el mundo entiende, pero cuya solución aún no ha llegado desde su planteamiento en 1742 a través de una carta enviada por Christian Goldbach a Leonhard Euler. La conjetura dice que:

Todo número par mayor que 2 puede escribirse como suma de dos números primos.

En febrero de este año -coincidiendo con la publicación de un resultado de Terence Tao que podía contribuir a la demostración de la conjetura-  Rafael Tesoro escribió la entrada Algunos resultados camino de la conjetura de Goldbach en el blog Gaussianos. Rafael explicaba los avances en el estudio de este famoso problema.

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132 5. Issey Miyake

Jun Mitani (Universidad deTsukuba) trabaja en la modelización -asistida por ordenador- de formas geométricas. A partir de un simple trozo de papel y con ayuda del programa informático por él diseñado, es capaz de construir bellas figuras tridimensionales.

Issey Miyake es un diseñador de moda, cuyas prendas de vestir se han definido como arquitectura del arte.

¿Y qué tienen que ver estas dos personas?

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Visualizando Números Naturales, Factores, y … Secretos

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El mejor regalo para cualquier niña o niño!🌈🌈…

math - update

 Esta es una de las visualizaciones más bellas – y de inimaginables alcances – que he descubierto en mi básqueda de verdadera matemática-elemental:

Diagramas de Factorización – Brent Yorgey (2012)

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Amazing Show!!… Natural Numbers + All Factors + One Secret

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The best present for any child 🌈🌈 …

math - update

I – as any mathematician – know quite a few math gems that – I believe – should be at the heart of school-math… But, this one, is just exactly what school-math should be 4 ALL of us!

Math images Natural Numbers

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